For current standings
This list contains all wrestlers with 8 or more points

This list contains all wrestlers with 7 or less points

PYW message
The annual Top 100 list is not meant to imply one wrestler is better than another
(I realize there are many future PIAA State Champs that are not, or will not, be on any of the PYW lists).
Its purpose is to recognize the accomplishments of these outstanding Pennsylvania youth wrestlers.
The hard work all of them have put in, deserves the recognition.
We also hope to inspire & motivate those who do not make one years list to go the extra mile to make the next years edition.
In the end, may Pennsylvania wrestling be the beneficiary.

Certificates will be awarded to the top 100 point achievers
Picture of certificate below.

Also, if enough donations are received through the "Team of the Month" contest,

(PYW will keep everyone posted on the donation status)

PYW will be using the 35 tournaments that received the most votes
(voting took place on PYW from August 20th through September 14th, 2003)
PYW is happy to announce that at least one tournament
from each "PJW Area was in the top 35 voted tournaments."

Attention to below tournament directors:
HERE is a sign you may choose to hang at your tournament,
announcing it's inclusion in the list & where the results will be posted.

Also, please run a strict weigh-in to keep things fair,
and be careful to get all the names spelled correctly in the results.

Tournaments that will be used include:
PJW Area Championships (11 areas, PA) March 6 - 13, 2004
PJW Area State Championships (Hershey, PA) March 19 & 20, 2004
MAWA Regional Championships (PA. & MD.) March 27 - April 4, 2004
MAWA Eastern National Championships (University Park, PA) April 17 & 18, 2004
Ohio Tournament of Champions (Columbus, OH) April 24, 2004
NHSCA Open Wrestling Championships (Virginia Beach, VA) June 27-30, 2004
PAWF Fall Folkstyle State Championships (Lock Haven, PA) November 9, 2003
Virginia Challenge Middle School Nationals (Norfolk, VA) March 12-14, 2004
USAW National Kids Folkstyle Championships (Cedar Falls, IO) April 2 & 3, 2004
AAU Folkstyle World Championships (Detroit, MI) April 8 - 10, 2004
AAU Ironman Folkstyle Championships (Bloomsburg, PA) May 29 - 31, 2004
Cliff Keen Athletic Kickoff Classic (Tulsa, OK) November 14 & 15, 2003
Cliff Keen Athletic Tulsa Nationals (Tulsa, OK) January 16 & 17, 2004
Cliff Keen Athletic Reno World of Wrestling Championships (Reno, NV) April 2 - 4, 2004
Cliff Keen Athletic Great Lakes Nationals (Cleveland, OH) January 30 - 31, 2004
Liberty National Wrestling Championships (Kansas City, MO) February 14, 2004
Connellsville Elementary & Junior High Tournament (Area I) (Connellsville, PA) February 14, 2004
State College Tournament (Area II) (University Park, PA) February 29, 2004
Lock Haven Fall Classic (Area II) (Lock Haven, PA) October 18 & 19, 2003
Derry Area "Treg F. Wentling Memorial" Tournament (Area III) (Derry, PA) February 21, 2004
South Side Beaver Holiday Tournament (Area IV) (Beaver, PA) December 13, 2003
Ringgold Rams "Odd Age" Wrestling Tournament (Area IV) (Monongahela, PA) January 18, 2004
(Ring Gold - 13 & 14 Year olds only - To make up for S.S.Beaver's non-Jr. High Division)
Ridgeway "Matthew Cartwright Memorial" Tournament (Area V) (Ridgway, PA) November 22, 2003
Titusville Youth Wrestling Tournament (Area VI) (Titusville, PA) February 14, 2004
North Hills Open Wrestling Tournament (Area VII) (Pittsburgh, PA) January 10, 2004
North Allegheny Young Guns Tournament (Area VII) (Pittsburgh, PA) December 20, 2003
Chartiers Valley Christmas Tournament (Area VII) (Bridgeville, PA) December 28, 2003
Corry Kids Wrestling Tournament (Area VIII) (Corry, PA) February 21, 2004
Harborcreek Little Huskies Tournament (Area VIII) (Erie, PA) February 7, 2004
Central Dauphin Ram Holiday Classic (Area IX) (Harrisburg, PA) December 14, 2003
Warwick Warrior Wrestling Tournament (Area IX) (Lititz, PA) February 14, 2004
Hanover YMCA Wildcat Tournament (Area IX) (Hanover, PA) March 6, 2004
Milton "Larry Barlett Memorial" Wrestling Tournament (Area X) (Milton, PA) January 17, 2004
West Norriton Golden Eagle (Area XI) (Norristown, PA) January 25, 2004
Drexel Hill Winter Classic (Area XI) (Upper Darby, PA) February 29, 2004
Lionville Open Wrestling Tournament (Area XI) (Lionville, PA) February 21, 2004

*** All entry forms & dates will be made available as soon as possible

Scoring will depend on how many place winners the tournament recognizes.

2, 3, & 4
Place winner
Place winner
Place winner
8 points for first place.
points for second place.
points for third place.
points for fourth place.

12 points for first place
points for second place
points for third place
points for fourth place
points for fifth place
points for sixth place

16 points for first place
points for second place
points for third place
points for fourth place
points for fifth place
points for sixth place
points for seventh place
points for eighth place

PJW Areas
MAWA Regionals
AAU Ironman
CK Kickoff Classic
State College
Lock Haven
Derry Area
Southside Beaver
Ring Gold-13 & 14 yr. olds
North Hills
North Allegheny
Chartiers Valley
Central Dauphin
West Norriton
Drexel Hill
AAU Folkstyle
CK Tulsa
CK Reno
CK Great Lakes

PJW States
MAWA Eastern Nat.
Middle School Nat.

The following rules will apply to the 2004 Top 100 List.
Pennsylvania wrestlers that do not turn 15 before January 1st will be eligible for top 100 points at all the 2004 Top 100 tournaments.
Any tournament that would be cancelled, or not provide results will not be included.
Any tournament not including full names & home states of place winners will not be included.
Any tournament taken from the list will not be replaced with another tournament.
One score per tournament (highest finish)
13 & 14 year olds will be the only place winners from the Ring Gold Rams Tournament to earn points (in place of S.S.Beaver's non-13 & 14 year old division tournament). Ring Gold will be listing the age of each place winner. NO 12 or under wrestlers that wrestle up in division & place will earn points at Ring Gold.
Points given to only those recognized as a place winner by the tournament (only top two for PJW Area Tournaments)
Any wrestler originally in the top 100, but bumped off by a later correction is still eligible for the certificate & possible tee-shirt.
In case family, medical, or financial emergencies would force the cancellation of the 2004 top 100 list, Pennsylvania Youth Wrestling or Wayne Beaver can not be held responsible for any costs incurred while traveling to and from said tournaments, or costs incurred while participating before, during, and after said tournaments. Pennsylvania Youth Wrestling or Wayne Beaver also can not be held responsible in case of any injury incurred while traveilng to and from said tournaments, or while participating before, during, and after, with or in said tournaments, in any event.

With the exception of minor adjustments, which may needed to be made,
PYW plans on staying with this format for future Top 100 Lists.
PYW will do their very best to have the 2005 list completed before October 2005.
PYW wishes the best to all the wrestlers who shoot to be on the 2005 Top 100.
Improvement made while goin for it,
makes you a winner whether you make the list or not.
Keep in mind the real goal - Making yourself the best you can be for the true list
The PIAA Sectional, District, Regional, & State Championships!